Rosalie Moller, parel van de Rode Zee

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    Rosalie Moller, parel van de Rode Zee

    One of the most coveted wrecks of the Red Sea is the Rosalie Moller.  With difficult diving conditions, a depth beyond recreational limits and often bad visibility, she is even for experienced divers a challenge.  Sadly, over the years she has suffered considerable damage.  Diveboats mooring and erosion by the sea have had a serious impact on the already fragile wreck.  After 70 years we want to find out what is still left of her.  Is the iconic wreck of the Red Sea still worth diving?  Submerge Productions went deep into the hull of the Rosalie Moller, probably deeper than most divers.  Here is the full story of the Rosalie Moller.

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    Re: Rosalie Moller, parel van de Rode Zee

    In oktober maken we er weer een paar mooie duiken op! :P
    Niets, maar dan ook niets komt zo vriendelijk op je af als een kletsnatte hond.