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PastoDeco 4.7 is out ( with Dutch language support )

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    Originally posted by TheSnake View Post

    Because in DecoPlanner or MultiDeco ( which before PastoDeco with 2 runtimes VPM + Buhlmann was V-Planner, as per others improvements .... ) you dont have all features and cannot plan all kind of dives ( Cave, CCR, repetitives w/Surface interval breathing O2, variables ascent/descent speeds, reserves management, ICD, tank switch time, auto calculated contingency plans, Air breaks and so on.

    DecoPlanner in particular is a good planner, but it has not been updated for decades, as well others decompression softwares, so it is very limited and turns only on a Windows PC.
    I am doing fine on quite complicated dives with decoplanner. The trick is not te rely 100% on a program, but to use it as e guideline.

    By the way, what is your ICD calculation based on? I have not come across anything yet that is based on facts.
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