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  • kaatje

    20 juni 2008 om 18:34

    Re: Holiday snap clue to diver death

    Maar hoe komt die fles dan dicht? Er kan veel mis gaan onder water maar een fles draait zichzelf niet dicht.

  • pieternel

    20 juni 2008 om 19:15

    Re: Holiday snap clue to diver death

    Maar hoe komt die fles dan dicht? Er kan veel mis gaan onder water maar een fles draait zichzelf niet dicht.

    En de fles draait zichzelf ook niet zomaar weer open. Als de fles dichtgedraaid was geweest toen ze haar vonden was de uitkomst/conclusie nogal makkelijk geweest.

    Wat ik begrijp is dat ze haar man ervan verdenken de fles dichtgedraaid te hebben en daarna, toen ze al “te ver heen was om nog te helpen” de fles weer open gedraaid te hebben. Uit dit oogpunt vinden ze de “omhelzing” inder water nogal verdacht.

  • jrxs4all

    21 juni 2008 om 10:06

    Re: Holiday snap clue to diver death

    “She was making her second ever dive, among a group exploring the historic Yongala wreck off the north Queensland coast”

    “…despite the fact that he is a certified rescue diver.

    An Australian police officer told the inquest that Mr Watson had even undergone specialised training in assisting divers who panicked or fell unconscious.”

    Tja, die mevrouw maakte haar tweede duik ooit op een wrak op volle zee, met soms flinke golven en stroming en 30 meter diep …..

    Ik heb daar iemand op diepte fysiek naar de ankerlijn moeten sleuren omdat ze ondanks voluit zwemmen achteruit dreef en ik geen zin had om d’r van de Nieuw-Zeelandse kust op te rapen, dat is nog een heel eind :embarasse

    En die meneer, een rescue diver, had haar natuurlijk altijd kunnen redden want hij had “specialised training”. Nou, er zijn genoeg rescue divers die zichzelf niet eens kunnen redden 😥

    Een heel raar verhaal en dan ook nog die theorie over dat dichtdraaien en weer opendraaien van de kraan. Ik ben er niet bij geweest, maar ik hoop dat die man een goede advocaat heeft.

    Hij had natuurlijk wel beter moeten weten (en het duikcentrum ook) en zijn vrouw niet mee moeten nemen op die duik.

  • patrickj

    28 november 2008 om 11:03

    Re: Holiday snap clue to diver death

    en een jaartje later is er weer wat activiteit. De man is nu officieel aangeklaagd

    Diver Accused Over Wife Drowning

    9:00am UK, Friday November 28, 2008
    An American scuba diver has been charged with murdering his wife after she drowned during their honeymoon at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

    The official allegation allows authorities to start trying to extradite David Gabriel Watson, of Birmingham, Alabama, to face the charges in Australia.Watson’s wife, Christina Mae Watson, drowned on October 22, 2003.The couple had been exploring a shipwreck off Queensland’s coast, 11 days after their wedding. In June this year, a coroner found there was sufficient evidence to charge Watson with killing his wife.

    The husband was an experienced diver and had been acting as a so-called dive buddy for his less-experienced spouse on the day she died. He told police she panicked underwater and then sank away from him. Watson said he decided to go for help rather than following her to the sea floor to attempt a rescue. During the coroner’s inquest, police testified they initially thought the death was an accident. But they became suspicious when Watson changed details of his account. The coroner said the circumstances of the drowning remained unclear but that a possible motive was Tina Watson’s modest life insurance policy.

    Justice Keiran Cullinane has now said that Watson was required to appear in court on February 3, 2009, to answer the indictment. But the judge noted that he had no power to force the American to return to Australia. Australia and the United States have an extradition treaty, but the process can take months and Watson’s lawyers have said they would likely oppose such a move.

    bron: US Scuba Diver Charged Over Honeymoon Drowning On Australia’s Great Barrier Reef | World News | Sky News

  • Don-Chedi

    14 mei 2009 om 08:14

    Re: Holiday snap clue to diver death

    het verhaal gaat door:

    US man faces scuba murder charge

    Gabe Watson denies murdering his wife Tina during their honeymoon

    An American man accused of murdering his wife while scuba diving on their honeymoon in Australia has been remanded in custody in Queensland. David Gabriel “Gabe” Watson returned to Australia voluntarily and was arrested on arrival in Brisbane on Wednesday.
    The 31-year-old is accused of killing his wife, Tina, in October 2003 by turning off her air supply and holding her underwater.
    Mr Watson denies the charges and says he wants to clear his name.
    At a brief court hearing in Brisbane, a judge ordered Mr Watson to be held in custody until another hearing on 29 May.

    Tony Moynihan,
    Queensland Director of Public Prosecutions

    Christina “Tina” Watson, 26 , was a novice scuba-diver. She drowned while exploring a wreck on the Great Barrier Reef off Townsville, on the 11th day of her honeymoon.
    Another diver nearby inadvertently photographed, in the background to one of his pictures, Tina Watson’s body lying on the sea floor, as a instructor raced to her rescue.
    After a long campaign by her parents, an inquest was held in Australia last year.

    An instructor races to Tina Watson, seen lying on the sea floor

    The coroner found that it was likely that Mr Watson, who was an experienced diver, killed his wife by turning off her air supply and holding her underwater until she died.
    A warrant for his arrest was issued in June 2008.
    Mr Watson, who has since remarried, has always denied the charges. He says his wife got into trouble a few minutes into the dive, and that he surfaced to summon help.
    His lawyer said Mr Watson felt he should not have been charged and wanted his name cleared.
    In a statement, the Queensland Director of Public Prosecutions Tony Moynihan said he was pleased Mr Watson had returned to face the charges.
    “This has avoided the need for a complex and lengthy extradition process,” he said.

  • patrickj

    19 mei 2009 om 08:59

    Re: Holiday snap clue to diver death

    Ben zeer benieuwd wat ze eventueel nog na zo’n lange tijd zouden kunnen doen. Volgens mij kan er afgezien van een bekentenis van de man zelf weinig “nieuws” meer op tafel komen.

  • patrickj

    29 mei 2009 om 08:52

    Re: Holiday snap clue to diver death

    En dan eindelijk volgende week schijnt er een uitspraak aan te komen…..

    Court extends custody for US diver David ‘Gabe’ Watson

    [I]Tony Keim
    May 29, 2009 12:00am[/I]

    A US national will be asked to enter a plea next week over whether he killed his wife while diving during their north Queensland honeymoon.
    David “Gabe” Watson was today remanded in custody to be arraigned next Friday on a charge of murdering his bride, Tina, 26, while diving on the Great Barrier Reef near Townsville in October 23, 2003.

    Watson, 32, did not appear in court during today’s two-minute hearing.

    Two weeks ago Watson voluntarily travelled from the US and arrived at Brisbane’s International Airport and immediately surrendered himself into police custody.

    He appeared in court on the same day and was ordered to be held in custody until today.

    Crown prosecutor Brendan Campbell requested the matter be adjourned until next Friday, when Watson would be arraigned. Solicitor Adrian Braithwaite, for Watson, consented to the Crown’s request.

    The decision means that, at that time, Watson will be expected to enter a plea of either guilty or not guilty of murdering his wife.

    It remains unclear whether Watson intends to apply for Supreme Court bail pending his trial.

    No formal application has been lodged at this stage and there has been no indication from either party whether a application would be made, opposed or supported at the arraignment.

    Justice Byrne ordered that the matter be adjourned until June 5.

    Watson’s wife of 11 days died – allegedly drowned by her husband – on their first dive of a 10-day scuba-diving expedition on the Great Barrier Reef, off Townsville, in October 2003.

    Tina’s death – and the six-year fight for justice by her parents – attracted worldwide media coverage for what was allegedly a brutal crime of passion, or a crime motivated by a modest life-insurance payout.

    Watson, a bubble-wrap salesman, has since remarried a woman who bears a striking similarity to his late wife Tina.

    In mid-2008, coroner David Glasgow found that it was likely Watson killed his 26-year-old wife by holding her under water and turning off her air supply.

    Prosecutors late last year filed an indictment in the Townsville Supreme Court against Watson, 31, over the death of his wife.

    In February, Watson’s US lawyer, Bob Austin, said his client intended to vehemently oppose any extradition proceedings brought by Australian prosecutors and described the case as “weak as well-water” and lacking in motive.

    When Watson returned to Brisbane, his US solicitor said he had returned so he could enter a formal not guilty plea.

    Bron: Court extends custody for US diver David &squo;Gabe&squo; Watson | The Courier-Mail

  • patrickj

    5 juni 2009 om 10:01

    Re: Holiday snap clue to diver death

    en dan is er eindelijk na al die jaren een uitspraak ….

    Scuba man jailed for wife’s death

    An American man has been sentenced to four-and-a-half years in Australia over the death of his bride on their scuba-diving honeymoon on Great Barrier Reef.

    Gabe Watson was an experienced diver

    Christina Watson, 26, drowned while diving with her husband, David Gabriel Watson, an experienced diver, 11 days after their wedding in 2003.

    The sentence came after Watson pleaded guilty to manslaughter having previously denied murder charges.

    Prosecutors said he had failed in his duty as his wife’s dive buddy.

    ‘Survival extinguished’

    Prosecutor Brendan Campbell said Watson had failed to give her emergency oxygen when she needed it.

    Watson allowed Christina to sink to the ocean floor without making any serious attempt to rescue her and also failed to inflate her buoyancy vest or remove weights from her belt to allow her to surface, Mr Campbell said.

    An instructor races to Tina Watson, seen lying on the sea floor

    “He virtually extinguished any chance of her survival,” he told the court hearing, in Brisbane.

    A dive instructor found novice scuba diver Christina Watson lying on the bottom of the ocean after her husband, known as Gabe, had surfaced.

    In mid-2008 a coroner found it was likely Watson killed his wife by holding her underwater and turning off her air supply.

    Watson, who has since remarried, voluntarily returned to Australia last month to face his murder charge.

    Christina’s father Tommy Thomas, her sister Alanda and friend Amanda Phillips travelled from their native Alabama to attend the court hearing.

    Prosecutors had sought a five-year jail term for Mr Watson, with the possibility of parole after 18 months.

    Bron: BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Scuba man jailed for wife’s death

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