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  • help illegale visserij in de Rode Zee tegen te gaan

    Posted by fountainhead on 26 april 2010 om 17:22

    help illegale visserij in de Rode Zee tegen te gaan
    Help tackle illegal fishing in the Red Sea by encouraging your guests to support the Capture the Catcher campaign launched by CDWS. CDWS members can make a real difference by helping to highlight evidence of illegal fishing activity across the coast.
    Illegal fishing is a major threat to our underwater eco-system and it is vital we get this message across to the Egyptian government. Please read about the campaign below and inform your staff and guests. A print out version of the PDF is also available here.

    Capture the Catcher

    Egypt’s Chamber of Diving and Watersports (CDWS) is appealing for visitors to help stamp out illegal fishing in the Red Sea by recording evidence of illegal activity on camera. If you see fishing in restricted areas or evidence, such as nets and lines in no-take zones, the CDWS wants to hear from you.

    A report of all evidence submitted will be sent to the Egyptian government calling for action to be taken against illegal fishing and put the issue at the forefront of the political decision-makers minds.

    The Red Sea is one of the few places on the planet where shark fishing has been made illegal, with other species receiving protection in a significant number of productive coral reef marine zones. National Park areas such as Ras Mohammed in the north and dugong rich areas in the south such as Abu Dabab, are two of many areas where fishing of any kind is banned. However, there is increasing evidence to suggest fishing activity continues in these areas and CDWS wants visitors to name and shame the catchers.

    Illegal fishing is threatening underwater life worldwide. A number of research reports, including a recent UN-funded investigation, estimate that up to 20 per cent of the global fish catch is caught illegally.

    In December 2008 the CDWS, together with SSDM and HEPCA, organised the first-ever conference to discuss the issue of illegal fishing, bringing together the Governor of South Sinai, the Minister of Tourism, the Minister of Agriculture, Egyptian Fisheries Agency, the Deputy Minister of the Environment, the head of South Sianai Parks, Fisherman Association and the Oceanographic Institute. However, there is still no significant changes to the law to deal with illegal fishing.

    ‘One of the biggest environmental problems is clearly identified as illegal fishing, particularly in marine zones, which are supposed to be protected,’ said CDWS chairman Hesham Gabr. ‘We need to keep this issue at the forefront of the government’s mind, which is why we have set up this campaign.’

    If you see any suspicious fishing activity in known no-take zones, follow these steps:

    1. email your pictures, with date, time, name of boat, location and any other useful
    info to [email protected]

    2. log on to facebook and look up the page “Capture the Capture” where photos will be uploaded and you can show your support of this campaign by clicking the ‘Like’ button.

    For further information please contact Laura Coppa by email on [email protected]

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  • uw-ninja

    3 mei 2010 om 10:45

    Re: help illegale visserij in de Rode Zee tegen te gaan

    Mooi initiatief maar heb nog wel een paar vragen naar het CDWS gestuurd hierover waarvan de belangrijkste is “wat zijn de no take zones?”, als ik het al niet weet hoe kunnen we dan verwachtten dat onze gasten het weten?

  • fountainhead

    14 juni 2010 om 10:10

    Re: help illegale visserij in de Rode Zee tegen te gaan

    Mooi bericht van HEPCA vandaag via Facebook:

    After 46 days of hard work. 2 Yamani boats with 20 fishermen were arrested 3:30 A.M in zabargad Island . They were definning sharks. The fishermen are having a siesta in a dark room. Very dark room::)))

  • shark63

    17 juni 2010 om 11:24

    Re: help illegale visserij in de Rode Zee tegen te gaan

    Helaas weer eens een non bericht van de CDWS boefjes. Wij hebben meerdere malen gebeld om aangifte te doen van vissen maar er werd gewoon niet op gereageerd. De CDWS heeft geen enkel belang bij het vangen van vissers. De CDWS is de meest corrupte en ongeorganiseerde organisatie die ik ken. De voorzitter is de eigenaar van een van de grootste duikcentra in Sharm en gebruik de organisatie puur voor eigen belang. Een van de controleurs verkoopt ook duik materialen. Hoe vreemd is dat, hij keurt je materiaal af en probeerd je zijn materiaal te verkopen. Daarnaast blijken de afspraken die zij maken met duikscholen over werkvergunningen niet te kloppen. De overheid geeft geen automatische toestemming voor een werkvergunning waar de CDWS dit wel belooft. Ook is het lidmaatschap van de CDWS geen garantie voor veiligheid zoals een lid van het bestuur van de CDWS heeft bewezen, meerdere fatale ongelukken bij zijn duik centrum zonder nader onderzoek.

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